Gold Frog Covenant is on hold

Due to changes within Eve and Red Frog, Gold Frog is no longer needed for hauling citadel contracts.

For the sake of posterity the old description remains below.

Gold Frog Covenant

Unfortunately, the current implementation of player-owned structures allows players to construct scam contracts that are impossible for us to deliver in order to cost Red Frog pilots their collateral. For situations where players can't use NPC stations or established reputable structures, Gold Frog Covenant can be used.

Gold Frog:

  • Is made of a small number of experienced Red Frog pilots.
  • Works with 0 collateral contracts such that we can't be scammed. This moves the issue of trust from us trusting the structure owner to you trusting our Gold Frog pilots (who have been selected by Red Frog leadership carefully for the job).
  • Will still cover your goods in the case that we lose them in a gank. If we lose your package we will pay out Jita sell price +10% (yes, plus 10%) of the contents, based on evepraisal, up to a maximum of 1.5b (if you want to move items that evepraisal wrongly, such as BPCs, and still want them covered, get in touch with us).
  • Still has a limit of 1.5b worth of goods in a single package, to protect our pilots from the increased risk of gank, and to protect you from losing out if we are ganked.
  • Just like Red Frog, will only service contiguous high-sec.
  • Cannot run Rush contracts.
  • Otherwise function just as Red Frog in terms of size limits, rewards and delivery times.

In order to use Gold Frog create a contract exactly as you would for Red Frog, but instead of assigning it to Red Frog Freight, assign it to Gold Frog Covenant and set a collateral of 0.