Welcome to Red Frog Freight.

Red Frog is a Highsec to Highsec courier service. We will haul:
  • Maximum volume: 845,000 m3 (no exceptions)
  • Maximum collateral: 1.5 billion ISK (if you need more collateral, split goods into multiple contracts or see Black Frog Logistics)
  • Rushes: If you want to use our "Rush" service, please tick the Rush option in the form below. We will always prioritise Rush contracts, and guarantee delivery within 4 hours of contract acceptance, or your reward back.
  • Citadels: Most of our hauling is done with out-of-corp pilots, so it is preferable to use freeported (open to all) citadels or NPC stations. We can now, however, haul from citadels only open to Red Frog, or to closed citadels, it may just take a little longer.
  • Gold Frog: With changes to Red Frog allowing hauling to/from citadels, contracts no longer need to be made out to Gold Frog (which has essentially been retired for the moment).
  • Containers: Populated containers should be used only when necessary (i.e. because the number of items in the contract exceeds the maximum) and Must be marked by including "container" in the contract description. Double-wrap (making a courier contract that contains a courier contract) must not be used.

To give us the best chance of hauling safely during Insurgencies please note that RFF does not haul through/to active stage 4 and 5 corruption systems. We will not need the full 7/7 to deliver your courier, but for the time being to avoid having contracts expire and lose their place in the contract queue, please set all contracts to 7 day expiry, 7 day completion at the moment.

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Queue status

Size: Kong

Status: 248 outstanding, 24 in progress

Age: 0 > 48, 112 24h to 48, 47 12h to 24h, 89 < 12h

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