Welcome to Red Frog Freight.

Red Frog is a Highsec to Highsec courier service. We will haul:
  • Maximum volume: 845,000 m3 (no exceptions)
  • Maximum collateral: 1.5 billion ISK (if you need more collateral, split goods into multiple contracts or see Black Frog Logistics)
  • Rushes: If you want to use our "Rush" service, please tick the Rush option in the form below. We will always prioritise Rush contracts, and guarantee delivery within 4 hours of contract acceptance, or your reward back.
  • Citadels: We can only deliver to or from fully freeported player structures (citadels etc. that allow everyone to dock with no restrictions). If you can use NPC stations instead, we prefer this. If we judge a citadel contract to be too risky, we might redirect you to Gold Frog.

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Queue status

Size: Huge

Status: 199 outstanding, 24 in progress

Age: 0 > 48, 68 24h to 48, 58 12h to 24h, 73 < 12h

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