Introduction Last updated: 2020-07-16

Thank you for you interest in becoming a Red Frog Freight pilot!

Established in 2008, our mission is to provide fast and affordable delivery of freight within contiguous high security (0.5 and higher) regions of New Eden. We are a well-known, highly reputable freight service that serves as an important backbone of Eve, and we trust you will do your best to keep it so.

Red Frog Freight is one of four corporations that make up the Red Frog Alliance (Red-Frog). The other corporations are:

  • Black Frog Logistics (BFL): our low- and null-security logistics division, established in 2010;
  • Purple Frog Transport (PFT): our community building activities division;
  • White Frog Insurance (WFI): our insurance arm.

This recruiting document has been written to tell you what you want to know, and answer frequently-asked questions, about becoming a Red Frog pilot.

Behavior and Ethics

The corporations of the Red Frog Alliance have excellent reputations in New Eden. While in general, you can do whatever you like in Eve, there are some activities that will damage our reputation that we will not tolerate.

  • Theft, including ripping off corp members (both other Frogs and your regular corpies), strangers and our customers. With respect to Red Frog customers, this includes stealing under-valued cargo (where the value of the cargo exceeds the collateral value), and it includes failing to return excess rewards caused by their typos.
  • Piracy and other non-sanctioned PVP, including ganking other ships of any kind. If it would get Crimewatch to flag you or CONCORD to kill you, don't do it.
  • Scamming intended as any kind of money-making scam, including contract scams, bait and switch, fake lotteries, ISK doubling schemes, RMT, and so on. There's plenty of that kind of thing in New Eden, but the Red Frog Alliance does not participate or allow its members to participate in scams of any kind.
  • Ninja salvaging, ripping off or shooting yellow wrecks you may happen upon in space. Obviously you're welcome to loot and salvage white and blue wrecks, but again, if Crimewatch would flag you, don't do it.
  • Trash talk of any kind in local directed to anybody, even to freighter ganking squads. Red Frog Alliance members are professional haulers, and we act with courtesy and professionalism at all times, even to folks we set to -10. Harassing gank operations in Uedama is unprofessional and endangers every Red Frog freighter; don't do it.

Application Last updated: 2020-07-16

To be accepted into Red Frog Freight, you must be able to handle the contracts we receive.

Prerequisites for Pilots

You must have 2 separate omega accounts: one for your Freighter Alt and one for your Contract Alt. Having both characters on a single EVE account is not acceptable.


Omega accounts are required because alphas can not manipulate contracts, and can not train racial Industrial skills, which are required for flying a freighter.

We require 2 omegas due to populated containers (containers with items inside) being contracted to RFF. They require in-station trade to pass to the Freighter Alt, which can be performed only if you have two characters online at the same time. Packages with populated containers cannot be contracted.

In order to join you will also need:
  • 1 billion isk for contract collateral (1.5 billion or more recommended);
  • 0.0 or higher security status;
  • faction standing that allows you into any high-sec system;
  • a freighter;
  • the Freighter Alt need to have Hull Upgrades trained at least to level 2;
  • the Freighter Alt needs to be able to hold 845k m3 with just 2 expander, so it'll need:
    • Caldari Freighter Skill trained to at least level 3
    • or any other racial Freighter Skill trained to at least level 4
  • patience, because freighters are sloooooooooooooow.

Channel More Profit

Our in-game recruiting channel is the point of entry for our applicants and its called More Profit (with the 2 periods). You're welcome to ask questions there that are not covered by this document. It's common for Red Frog Freight pilots to hang out there and offer the benefit of our experience as a space trucker.

RF Freight and Black Frog are our in-game customer service channels. We respectfully request that you please keep recruiting conversations to More Profit, for the benefit of our customers who have questions about their contracts.

However, please be aware that only our recruiting team has access to your personal information, and only they can answer specific questions unique to your application. Contacts are always listed in the MOTD of channel More Profit, so if your question is specific to you about an application you've already filed, please get in touch via Evemail.

How to Apply

Once you meet the Prerequisites for Pilots and you're ready to apply, use


Do not apply to Red Frog Freight using the in-game corporation join mechanic. Use only the web page linked above. You will be invited to use the corporation join mechanic once your application has been approved.

Status on the current pile of applications is always posted to the MOTD of channel "More Profit", so please check there to see how long your wait might be.

Wait Times

Once you apply, your information is placed in a queue of applications. Background checks are performed, missing information is requested, and eventually, a confirmation mail will be sent through Evemail notifying you that you've been verified.

Wait time can varies from a few weeks to several months, depending on the number of pilots who want to join and the size of our contract queue. The Red Frog Freight goal is that no contract should be more than 24 hours old before someone accepts it. When our queue begins to routinely go over 24 hours, we bring in more pilots. And while we don't want our customers waiting too long, we want our existing pilots to make money, so we don't want so many pilots that the queue disappears completely. So we try to manage the number of pilots to be fair both to our customers and our pilots.


Pilot applications are processed in the order they are received. Please be patient. Be sure to monitor the Evemail for the alts you used in your application.

Current queue

This list displays your place in the recruitment queue.


This list does not update in real time. Changes will take time to appear here. (usually up to 24h)

If your name is not on the list, just wait patiently, please do NOT re-apply. We receive multiple applications per day and it will take time, but we will get to you.

You will receive your application number only after one of our recruiters has looked at it, you will be notified via in-game evemail.

Join mailing list Frog Candidates - we will send there important recruitment information. Additionally to your Contract Alt and Freighter pilot, you can also join on your usual main characters.

Corp procedures Last updated: 2020-07-16

With those we just scratch the surface and it's just to give you a general idea on how we operate, you'll have access to the full list of our internal rules and procedures once accepted.

Money and Taxes

The minimum reward is 6 million ISK for a single jump contract. The maximum contract length is 51 jumps (the longest possible run in contiguous hisec space), and is over 56 million ISK. Our average contract length is 12 jumps, and there are many that are 20 or more. Rewards of 15 million ISK per run are common.

How much you earn in a month depends entirely on you. Some pilots run fewer than 20 contracts a month (the minimum is one contract per month), and their rewards are quite modest. Some pilots run hundreds of contracts and take in excess of 5 billion ISK. The money is there if you want it!

The corporation charges a tax (historically has varied between 5% and 15%) on rewards, and these funds go to a mandatory insurance program that covers most of the cost of your freighter and collateral if you get ganked, if certain conditions are met. Full details will be provided to you when you join Red Frog Freight, but you should be aware that you will be asked to prepay into the insurance fund upon joining. This prepayment will be applied via ESi and your payment credit visible to you within 30 minutes of payment. The pre-payment amount equals to 10 million ISK.


You should be aware that it will be your responsibility to pay your insurance premium in advance. The corporation tax mechanic does not work on contracts, so internal Red Frog tools will tell you how much credit you have prepaid, and will deduct from your balance automatically as you complete contracts.

We also offer an internal incentive system that can help pay your insurance premium, so if you prioritize the right contracts, your insurance can be free!

Cargo and collateral

Our maximum cargo volume is 845,000 m3 with a maximum of 1.5 billion ISK in collateral. The 845,000 m3 limitation is based upon a “sweet spot” that corresponds to the various freighters at racial Freighter skill levels III and IV. The 1.5 billion ISK collateral level is to reduce the chance of ganks, making away from keyboard (AFK) travel relatively safe.

In order to achieve the required capacity pilot must be able to fit no more than 2 Expanded Cargohold II into the low slots.

It is possible to achieve the RFF's required cargo size by having lower than required skills and fitting three expanded cargoholds. However for our safety standards fitting a third expander is not acceptable because of the reduced hull points, that is why we require the skill levels explained above in order to be able to join RFF.

Cargo spaca in m³:
Freighter Level I
no mods
Level II
no mods
Level III
no mods
Level III
+2 expanders
Level IV
no mods
Level IV
+2 expanders
Level V
no mods
Level V
+2 expanders
Fenrir 456,750 478,500 500,250 813,219 522,000 848,576 543,750 883,934
Providence 456,750 478,500 500,250 813,219 522,000 848,576 543,750 883,934
Obelisk 462,000 484,000 506,000 822,566 528,000 858,330 550,000 894,094
Charon 488,250 511,500 534,750 869,303 558,000 907,099 581,250 944,895

Highlighted are the Red Frog qualified freighters with the acceptable skill level.

Black Frog

Recruiting into Black Frog Logistics is done from within Red Frog Freight. In short, you must be a Red Frog Freight pilot in good standing to be eligible to join Black Frog.

Once you're accepted into Red Frog, we will provide more information on how you can earn your way into Black, but everybody starts in Red.

Ships used Last updated: 2019-08-15

Red Frog Freight contracts are carried in freighters. No exceptions! No matter how small the cargo, or how tempting it is to move it in something else, do not use anything other than a freighter.

Freighters are relatively difficult and expensive to gank in high-sec, thus the reason customers want their valuable goods moved this way. Moving a Red Frog contract in anything other than a freighter (including Orcas and black ops cloaking setups) is grounds for an immediate boot.

Freighter types

All freighters -- Fenrir, Obelisk, Providence and Charon -- are acceptable for use in Red Frog, so it's really up to you.

If you're training an alt specifically to fly in Red Frog Freight, you may wonder which you should select.

  • Fenrir: the smallest of the freighters, and the longest to train for (by about a week), the Fenrir is also the fastest at sub-warp speeds.
  • Charon: has the biggest cargo hold, the Charon is slowest at sub-warp speeds, but the extra capacity can sometimes help you accommodate extra cargo (within the limits of Red Frog's recommended flying practices).
  • Obelisk: while it's far from being gank proof, it's the tankiest of all when fitted with reinforced bulkheads thanks to his high base hull HP.
  • Providence: an aesthetically-pleasing ship that is middle of the road in terms of performance, it's specialization is armor tanking when fitted with armor plates.

Many Red Frog pilots choose the Fenrir, but some pilots fly every freighter, and all freighters are acceptable. Which you choose will really depend on your preferences.


Once you've trained a particular freighter, and you've trained the remaining recommended skills, you may wish to cross-train for every freighter. That way, you can assist customers who want freighters moved, not just cargo moved in freighters.

Freighter training

As you wait to be accepted into Red Frog, you should consider adding the following useful skills you may have overlooked:

Skill Effect Reason
Navigation +5% sub-warp speed This will primarily be of use for away from keyboard (AFK) hauling when traveling the 15 km to the gate after exiting warp
Evasive Maneuvering +5% agility Reduces alignment time, which means you'll enter warp "faster"
Mechanics +5% structure Increases structure hit points, good for all but it has the biggest impact on the Obelisk
Hull Upgrades +5% armor Increases armor hit points, good for all but it has the biggest impact on the Providence
Shield Management +5% shield Increases shield capacity, good for all but it has the biggest impact on the Fenrir
Shield Operation -5% shield recharge time Reduces shield recharge time, probably the least important considering how fast ganks happpens, still it might give a few additional hitpoints during the gank
Cybernetics Implants This skill allows you to plug several usefull implants for freighters increasing ship agility, warp speed and most importatnly hull hp. Even though you are not required to have them, they are an interesting boost even in their cheapest variants.