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Congratulations, freighter pilot! You have been accepted as a member of Red Frog Freight (RFF). Established in 2008, our mission is to provide fast and affordable delivery of freight within the contiguous high security (0.5 - 1.0) regions of New Eden. We are a well known and reputable freight service that serves as an important backbone company of EVE and we trust that you will do your best to keep it so.

Red Frog is one of the three main corporations that make up the Red Frog Alliance (Red-Frog). The corporations are:

  • Red Frog Freight (RFF), the high security logistics division, established in 2008
  • Black Frog Logistics (BFL), the low and null security logistics division, established in 2010, and;
  • White Frog Insurance (White Frog), our insurance arm for Red Frog pilots, established in 2012

We wish you success in your career as a Red Frog freighter pilot!

Who We Are, Philosophy and Ethics

We are one of the behind-the-scenes backbones of EVE and we have built up a tremendous amount of goodwill and trust in our brand. We rely on you, our pilots, to keep that going. We don’t cheat, scam or grief. In short, anything that would reflect badly on us is unacceptable.

Red Frog Freight, and Black Frog Logistics are corporations with excellent reputations in New Eden. These reputations were earned by the outstanding players who work with us. While in general we allow you to do whatever you like in EVE, there are activities that we will not tolerate:

  • Theft from other EVE players, corp mates, or our customers by not returning excess rewards caused by their typos
  • Piracy, ganking and non-sanctioned PvP
  • Scamming
  • “Ninja” salvaging
  • Any form of PvP on your RFF related toons. This includes intentional Counter Bumping of Bumpers from your Contract Alt.

As for your behavior, we expect you show maturity and professionalism at all times. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, and should you be destroyed, don’t smack-talk in ‘Local’ as it does not help. Vent your frustration in our private ‘RF Contracts’ channel instead.

Concerning Competitors:
Part of our professionalism is that we do not slag our competitors in public. We don’t trash talk them in their or our channels and communications; we don’t target their freighters and industrials for ganks; we do not send them trap contracts; we do not do anything that makes their lives more miserable than simply being better than they are at what we do already does.

When responding to inquiries from potential customers who are comparison shopping, be honest about our pricing, policies, and services; do not offer unauthorized discounts; and do not disparage the competition.

Finding a Contract

All contracts must be accepted through the Nearest Contract Finder – NCF. The NCF scans all customer contracts and flags issues such as Low Sec, No Collateral, Low Reward, etc. ALL Frogs are required to use the NCF at all times(*), because it protects us from mistakes, and many scams.

The contract finder is located at:
Enter this URL into your browser, and click the “Log In” button at the top right.

Enter your username and password, and click “remember me”, then click “login”
Assuming you have the correct username and password, you will see the following screen.

**Note** If you ever change you EvE Account password, as a security measure from CCP, all access tokens associated with that account will also be removed and thus you will need to re-add your character on this site. Also, NEVER use your actual game account password for any website, including this one.

Click on Red Frogs, towards the top left, and select “Nearest Contract Finder”.

It is worth noting that from the same menu, you can also access the Red Frog Freight Manual, which contains our procedures and other helpful information, and your White Frog Insurance History.

Sample WFI history.

Before proceeding, make sure your Contract Alt Is logged in, as the NCF will communicate with your in-game character.

Once you have the NCF open, you can enter either where your freighter is, or where you intend to move it, and the NCF will show you a list of contracts which start near your starting point, or end near your destination. You may also, if you wish, click the boxes to avoid contracts that go through known choke points, Niarja, Uedama, Palas or Isanamo.

You can also have the available contracts sub-sorted by Age, Distance, or Contract reward. Generally you should sort by Age to keep contracts from getting too old. See The Star Program. If you have constraints, such as limited hauling time, then the other sorts may be useful.

Note: We do not require contracts to be completed in any particular order though an honest effort should be used to minimize aging contracts.

When you have found a contract you want to haul, and which is not flagged for any problems, click on the yellow title, and the contract will open for your Contract Alt in game.
You can then accept it, and carry on with our usual procedures.

If you see a bad contract listed, please try to mention it in the “RF Contracts” channel so that any online Manager can reject it.

Rules and Guidelines

Here are some important rules and guidelines for Red Frog.
Failure to comply with these rules may result in a corp removal.
This list is not all-inclusive and common sense does apply.


  • YOU MAY only use Freighters to transport contracts. If qualified, you may be authorized to use Deep Space Transports (No Blockade Runners)

  • See Deep Space Transport Page for details
  • YOU MAY only use Freighter Alts for transportation. Using your Contract Alt for hauling RF Contracts will result in a permanent Corp Kick.
  • DO NOT carry more than 1.5 billion collateral on board or any combination of collateral plus personal freight value in excess of 1.5 billion. (This will also void your WFI). See Multiple Contracts/Stacking for more information on hauling multiple contracts in one freighter.


  • DO NOT Fail / Repackage contracts (no exceptions). If you feel there is an issue with a contract, contact a Manager.
    (Be very careful not to accidentally click “repackage” on a contract as it will break the plastic wrap and make contract undeliverable).
    Should your Contract’s status change to failed (for any reason) immediately inform a Manager
  • DO NOT accept zero collateral contracts (no exceptions)
  • DO NOT accept contracts flagged as faulty (shown by red flags) in Nearest Contract Finder (i.e. oversize, low rewards, over collateral, etc)
  • DO NOT double-wrap (making a contract of a contract) when passing your package from Contract Alt to Freighter Pilot after acceptance.
  • You may only pass your package between Contract <—> Freighter Alt using Item-Exchange Contract (See double-wrap note above)
  • You may use In-Station trades of your contract between your CA and FA only if double-wrapped by the Client, authorized to double-wrap yourself, or populated containers
  • We don't support Rush contracts to or from Citadels. Do not accept them.


  • DO NOT accept contracts that you know you cannot complete within 12 hours.
  • DO NOT accept contracts, you know can’t be completed before you log off
  • DO NOT “reserve” multiple contracts for yourself, without possibility to move the cargo within a few hours from acceptance
  • DO NOT pay Ransom Demands. Ransoms are not covered by WFI and will most likely end in your destruction anyways.
  • DO NOT haul in player corporations you do not trust or that are not solely controlled by yourself and have friendly fire disabled
  • Obey the guidelines outlined in Who We Are, Philosophy and Ethics
  • Only accept contracts using the tools provided by RFF developers. Do not be tempted to snipe contracts before they appear in the tool
  • Rush Contracts are intended to be rushed. DO NOT accept multiple rushes that cannot be transported simultaneously and that would result in significant delay. Examples being to not accept rushes if you are a long distance away if there is the possibility that someone else may be able to accept and deliver before you are able to pick it up. If no one is available and the Rush has been in the queue for noticeable amount of time, then you may accept them. Use good judgement and keep the customers expectations in mind.


  • WFI balance MUST be maintained. This is not optional. See Insurance Conditions
  • You should not use your out-of-corp alt to chat on RF Freight channel
  • Make sure your auto-pilot settings are set to “Prefer Safer’
  • Consider using instant-docking bookmarks to ensure you land within docking radius
  • Have CSPA charges set to 0
  • Have duel requests turned off from your FA. If you are using a webber, initiate the duel from the FA and not from the webber
  • Absolutely no PvP activity from a Frog character is allowed.
  • When at War, do not use your contract alt for non scouting tasks and DO NOT undock with implants (except very cheap ones) installed.
  • You must remain active to remain in Red Frog - currently this means at least one contract completed per month.

Delivery Times

We all know that Real Life comes first and problems do happen, but there is difference between last minute situations and deliberately accepting contracts, you can’t complete within 12 hours.

To further clarify on that, anytime contracts reaches 6 hours (or less) left in their completion time, management will get involved. We will place pilot in the log for late deliveries. This can happen once a month (last 30 days) without any negative repercussions, but more often occurrences of such situation (in last 30 days) will be a reason for a pilot removal, if no satisfying justification can be provided.

Should you happen to deliver your contract late you need to reimburse your reward to the client.

Consequences of delivering Rush Jobs late:

  • Client will be reimburst full reward price
  • You will refund balance for the full contract reward upon completion if the time from acceptance to completed is greater than 4 hours

Under Valued Contracts

Customers commonly add more than the listed collateral value to a contract. For example, the customer may have us haul 5 billion isk (in Jita value) in implants and blueprints, but list only 1.5 billion isk in collateral. They do this for several reasons, most commonly being carelessness or unwillingness to pay black frog rates and guess that the risk of loss is in their favor.

You should run such Contracts, you are Covered by the White Frog Insurance!

However, if you feel that the difference is significant and you are uncomfortable hauling the contract, you may contact an Organization Manager or higher ASAP. You may need to use Discord if a Manager is not online. Be prepared to provide an eve appraisal link to the manager and inform them of the contract listed collateral. The manager makes the decision on whether or not you should proceed to hauling the contract. If you are unable to get a timely response, haul the contract.
Waiting for an answer is not an acceptable excuse for late deliveries.
If the manager deems the value as significant enough, he will provide direction on the cancelation of the contract. Under no circumstance, except by Manager direction should a contract be cancelled for undervalued reasons.

*Warning: It is always possible that the client will refuse to accept his goods back for the collateral issued so avoid seeking management intervention for small or irrelevant differences in value.

After delivery and only then, you may ask a contract manager to send Undervalued Contract message to the Client, informing him about the rates for such Service with Black Frog as well as the dangers of sending undervalued contracts via RFF.

It is advised that you run such Contracts at the keyboard, with a scout and a webber if you can arrange one.
(You can use your CA as a webber, but it is not advised)

Red Frog management will do the heavy lifting of contacting the customer.

What Should I Do?

Remember that most ganks are for in excess of 2 billion isk in cargo. Also, if you’re following all other Red Frog guidelines, a gank for a 1.5 billion isk contract that contains 2 billion isk in cargo would still be covered by White Frog Insurance, which will limit your exposure. Obviously we don’t want to be stupid, and customers would prefer that we deliver their cargo safely rather than take our collateral money, but there’s no reason to panic if you have a cargo that’s actually worth 1.7 billion isk.

Important: Never fail a contract without prior authorization from a manager.

Multiple Contracts/Stacking

Stacking contracts beyond 1.5 Billion collateral on board is not allowed and will result in a Corp removal.

You are allowed to carry more than one contract if the total combined collateral or value PLUS the contents of your cargo does not exceed 1.5 billion. This means that if you accept multiple contracts whose collateral is less than 1.5 billion, but the combined value of goods is greater than 1.5b you must be prepared to haul them one at a time (or in multiple freighters).

You may not carry more than one contract if doing so would increase the number of expanders you need to fit

You may not carry more than three contracts (or two contracts plus personal freight) even when the value is below 1.5 billion

Corp removal is non-appealable even if pilot is caught for the first time.

There are no longer exemptions for Black Frog pilots and Red Frog pilots may no longer ask for approval to stack in a freighter

The only exception is for pilots in our Deep Space Transport programme

Deep Space Transports

We are currently trying some new directions and opportunities in Red Frog to promote faster, safer, and increased service to customers. With that we have decided to allow deep space transport use with stringent guidelines and requirements.
Requirements are intentionally left to be difficult but reasonable to maintain acceptable balance between DST and Freighter pilots and to minimize losses. DST hauling is not for everyone.
Additionally, if you feel that you can just copy a zkillboard fit and straight jump every gate like you do with every other ship, then DST is not right for you.
This program is intended for advanced users.

A future (Not Yet implemented) benefit of the DST program is that it may introduce the ability for clients to issue contracts with up to 5 billion collateral and pay out on a tiered pricing level. This pricing would automatically be applied to all contracts 60,000 m3 and below.

*Hauling in any ship other than a freighter is not allowed and will result in Corp removal unless being authorized and using a Deep Space Transport (DST).

Requirements to be allowed DST use are:

  1. At least 300 contracts completed
  2. Must be member of RFF for at least 3 months
  3. Must have completed at least 30 Star Contracts
  4. Approval from the management team must be obtained before DST use is allowed
  5. Must meet the minimum skill requirement listed below.
  6. Must discuss and explain your fitting and implants during authorization process. Many fits will not be allowed. You must also be able to explain or walk through how to operate a DST safely. Failure to be able to identify and explain a proper fit will deem you ineligible for the program.
  7. Knowledge of EvE Mechanics such as Cloak + MWD trick, Overheating, and Buffer vs Resistance are required and must also be demonstrated prior to approval.
  8. After your approval is granted, you must maintain 5 starred contracts per month in order to keep your DST privileges.

*Note: Being a member of Black Frog Logistics DOES NOT automatically qualify you for Deep Space transport use

Skill plan for DST hauling:


  • Cloaking 4
  • Capacitor management 3. (Recommend 4+)
  • Capacitor System Operation 4 (Recommend 5)
  • CPU Management 5
  • Energy Grid Upgrade 4
  • Nanite Interfacing 3 (Recommend 4)
  • Thermodynamics 3 (Recommend 4)
  • Acceleration Control 4
  • Evasive Maneuvering 5. (Can use 4 with MG Nomad)
  • High Speed Maneuvering 3 (Recommend 4)
  • Navigation 5
  • Science 4 (Thermodynamics prereq)
  • Racial Industrial 5
  • Transport 4 [5 is optional but increases cargo to 62,500 (from 60,000) and is a very long train]
  • Hull Upgrades 4 (Recommend 5, 5 also required for Armor DSTs.)
  • Power Grid Management 4 (Recommend 5)

Armor DST (Required):

  • Armor Layering 4
  • EM, Kin, Exp, Therm compensation 4
  • Hull Upgrades 5
  • Mechanics 5

Shield DST (Required):

  • EM, Exp, Kin, Therm shield Compensation 4
  • Shield Management 4 (Recommend 5)
  • Shield Upgrades 4
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation 4


  • Nanite Operation 4
  • Micro Jump Drive Ops (Any level)
  • Warp Drive Operation (Any level, Recommend 5)
  • Jury/shield/Armor rigging (Any level, suggest 3 or 4, ESPECIALLY for armor haulers)
  • Shield Operation 4 (Recommend 5)
  • Resistance Phasing (Any level but only if using Reactive Hardeners)

*A large portion of the skills should already be trained on a proper freighter pilot

*If you were to roll a brand new character, the Minimum Basic skill plan is 4,040,041 skillpoints, which would take 8 injectors or 93.5 days to train without implants or a proper skill remap.
With +3 implants and a remap of Max intelligence and +4 perception, training time would be 21 days less training for a total of 72 days.

*If you were to roll a brand new character using the strongly recommend plan with optional skills, it would take 6,646,532 SP or 15 injectors or 154 days. With +3 implants and a proper remap, it would take 114 days.

Deep Space Transport Rules and Guidelines

Below are rules and guidelines for DST use not already covered above. Failure to meet these will result in termination from the program and possible corp removal.

  • DST use is NOT covered by White Frog Insurance. Additionally, you will still be required to contribute to WFI, even when running a DST
  • No AFK hauling is allowed
  • No Blockade Runners. Only Deep Space transports are allowed (Bustard, Mastodon, Impel, Occator)
  • Must be able to utilize Cloak + MWD mechanic. This is required for all systems.
  • Must have all minimum skills trained and be able to demonstrate or explain proper safe operation of DST to include fitting, evasion, tanking, and overheating. You may ask for help with fitting tips though the actual fit will not be provided. Part of the knowledge and requirements to operate a Deep Space Transport with Red Frog is demonstrating How and Why to use a fit.
  • Up to three contracts may be taken at once, up to 4.5 billion collateral or value.
  • Contracts 60,000 m3 and less may have up to 5 billion collateral issued by customer. Don’t fly what you cannot afford to lose (Not implimented)
  • ALWAYS verify that your fleet hangar is not open to corp or fleet members. Loss of a contract due to this will be considered as a theft.
  • No Low Sec shortcuts are permitted with a contract on board. If unloaded, you may use low sec shortcuts at your own risk
  • It is recommended though not required to have Nomad 1-5 implants. This will greatly ease cloak + MWD success as well as make potential escape easier upon cloak failure. Impel pilots may benefit equally with Nomad or Slave implants.
  • A basic, well fit, well balanced DST will most likely be in the 500-700 mil range with current prices (As of Jan, 2018)
  • If you think the below image is an acceptable High Sec DST fit, leave this page right now and do not come back.

Scouting and Contacts

Scouting to get a sense of the danger in critical systems is important, even in hisec. Using your Red Frog alt in a shuttle, you can quickly scout ahead of your hauling alt and divert if you sense danger.

To maximize your chances of seeing gank fleets, it’s important that you not only check gates, but also check Local chat. A common tactic of gank fleets is to park somewhere off the gates, or even in a station, while a scout looks for viable targets.

It is highly suggested that you copy alliances and corporation Contacts to all of your Freighter Alts.

It will help make the gankers more visible to you in Local.

Finally, we do not reject contracts from hostile alliances. The only reason to list them with negative standings is to to make them more visible in a system, so you can avoid their gank fleets. Red Frog Freight still treats all of these alliances with professionalism and courtesy, and Red Frog management will not tolerate anything less.

You may defend yourself against a gank using non-Red Frog alts, or friends coming to your rescue, but do not shoot using your Red Frog alt. Red Frog does not ever engage in PVP and this act will have you removed from corp.

Finally, if you see something, let everyone know about it in #intel on Discord. All eyes open helps everyone in the corporation avoid losses. Black Frog pilots in particular need all eyes open, because their cargos are large enough that they’re profitable gank targets and they can’t really minimize that risk, in addition to not having WFI, which increases their risk considerably.


Webbing your freighter when done properly can significantly speed up your trips and reduce your align time and even allow “Instant Warp”. However, it requires some training and preparation.

Out-of-Corp Webbing

It is possible to use a webber on an out-of-corp freighter. To do this, use the dueling mechanic as outlined below.

Safety warning: We recommend leaving your safety set at green when attempting to web. This will prevent you from accidentally targeting and webbing the wrong ship and getting yourself Concorded. You can web your own in-corp freighter with your safety on green.

The mechanics are (assuming same-corp or duel engaged):

  • Put your freighter alt and your webbing alt into a fleet, to make them more visible on the overview.
  • Jump through a gate with both your freighter and your webber at the same time, or have webber warp to freighter while the freighter is still gate cloaked
  • When your freighter decloaks (or when you are ready to decloak it yourself), approach it with your webber.
  • At the same time, start your freighter into the warp process.
  • When the freighter is within web range, web the freighter with 2-3 webs.

If you do it right, your freighter will immediately enter warp, perhaps even moving sideways, which is always entertaining to see.

  • CONCORD Warning: Your freighter and your webbing alt must be in the same player corp with “friendly fire” enabled OR engaged in a duel. An NPC corp will not work, and simply being in the same fleet with your freighter will not work. Failure to observe this rule will result in your webbing alt getting Concorded on your very first attempt. If you are not a member of a player corp, you can create your own for this purpose, and put both your webber and your freighter into it.
  • As an additional tip, it may be beneficial to have your webber and your freighter on each other’s watch list, be in a private player channel, and/or you have an overview tab to show fleet/blues/freighters. This will aid in quickly locating your characters for fleeting and warping to each other.

Webbing From a Station

When you undock from a station, your freighter exits the station already moving. Your natural reaction is to go ahead and warp to a gate and jump through. But if you try to web yourself to speed up your warp in this configuration, you will find that the web only slows down the freighter; it doesn’t launch it into warp. The reason is orientation: When in motion, Eve keeps track of your freighter’s orientation and so your freighter needs to align to the gate. Webbing doesn’t help this.

The solution: Stop your freighter (CTRL-Space) when you undock, and once it gets to very low speed (1-5m/sec) start your warp, and then web your freighter normally. You should zip into warp as usual.

Special Note:

Gankers often alternate techniques for trapping your freighter including but not limited to “suicide scrams”, ganking the webber first, and jamming webbers to buy time for bumpers to arrive.

It is recommended to not always rely on fragile or long range webbing ships such as a Hyena for webbing. A single thrasher can usually alpha a Hyena in addition to it not necessarily being able to web across regional gates.

Simple defensive tactics for this are to keep the webber a system ahead of freighter so that it can warp to a celestial and back to the freighter while the freighter still has gate cloak so that you are guaranteed to be on top of the freighter, thus mitigating regional gate risks.

Additionally its recommended to consider a somewhat bulkier ship that can still balance speed and basic defense while minimizing costs to aid in the webber surviving anti-web attempts and not cost enough to warrant being a primary target itself.

Adding or Changing Your Contract Alt/Freighter Alt

If you plan to use any additional Freighter Pilots they must be registered:

  • Add them to the tool using the Manage Characters page.
  • Please send an evemail to any active Contract Manager (check the corp bulletin) stating the name of your new Freighter Alt.
  • Contract Manager adds your new Freighter Alt to our listings.
  • You can start hauling with your new pilot, and are fully insured!

If you would like to change your Contract Alt:

  1. Check your Web Wallet balance. You can mail any director to withdraw the ISK from there, but it will take time.
  2. Ask for any Contact Manager online. You will need a convo.
  3. Do wat they tell you.
  4. Old Contract Alt leaves the Corporation, new one joins. You fill your webwallet.

The Star Program

The Star Points program was created to reward pilots who accept older contracts.

On the Nearest Contract Finder page, yellow stars are assigned to the oldest 10% of outstanding contracts, with a minimum age of 12 hours, since the last API refresh. When you take one of these contracts, you’ll get a star, which will reduce the WFI tax paid on the contract by 15% of the contract value - if the current WFI rate is 10% or less, you will be paid a bonus of 5% into your WFI wallet. (Tips do not get included on WFI payout).

When you complete a starred contract, on the next API update (typically 15 minutes or less) your web wallet is credited 5% of the base calculated contract reward.

It is thus theoretically possible to never have to pay in to WFI balance.

Any time stars are taken, new ones are added to take their place after the next API refresh. Again, this is based on oldest 10% of outstanding or # of contracts > 12 hours old, whichever is less.

The star program is also used as the basis for allowing stacking of contracts.

You can check both the status of how many stars you have completed on the RFF Monthly Stats Page

Insurance Conditions

White Frog Insurance is a program created in November, 2012 in response to an increasing number of freighter ganks and losses. It helps spread the risk among every pilot, so that a new or low-on-funds pilot doesn’t have to leave Red Frog and give up hauling when ganks happen.

Participation is mandatory. Without enough pilots participating, the program can’t generate the necessary revenue to cover ganks when they happen.

The price of the insurance is a percentage of your total Red Frog rewards. The percentage varies based on corporate loss history, and is announced via corporate Evemail or on the Nearest Contract Finder page. Historically, it has varied between 5% and 15% per month.

The insurance plan covers:

  • One freighter per gank (hull only no mods apart from the ones mentioned below)
  • Up to 1.5bil collateral per gank (multiple contracts that add to 1.5bil collateral are permitted).
  • 500 million isk deductible (in other words, you pay 500 mil of the loss)
  • Less the insurance payment from CONCORD

If a Frog has in-game platinum insurance:

  • The deductible is only 400 million isk instead of the above 500 million.
  • The cost of the in-game insurance payment will also be refunded.

The insurance plan does NOT cover ganks in which you have:

  • RF pilot-initiated double-wrapped contracts (Contracts where the customer has double-wrapped the contract are covered.)
  • Multiple contracts in excess of 1.5 billion isk collateral. Multiple contracts exceeding 1.5 billion isk collateral voids all WFI
  • Contracts where your personal freight plus the value of the contract is greater than 1.5 billion isk
  • Contracts carried in a ship other than a freighter
  • Fitted nanofibers. The EHP hit (anti-tank) from fitting these makes ganking too attractive for us to be able to insure.
  • Lost your ship in a wardec action (Do not fly during war!) or lost to a corpmate.
  • Lost your ship in low or null sec space, or on a hisec island
  • Lost your ship as a result of a duel.
  • Lost your ship as a result of a killright.
  • Lost your ship while flying without a Red Frog contract in progress
    • Ganks on empty freighters that occur while you are on your way to an already-accepted contract, as verified by API, are covered, but may still be subject to a deductible

Also, even if a gank is otherwise covered, you will not be paid for implants lost if you get podded.

So, if you lose a freighter and you’re carrying a 700mil contract, you will receive:

  • One new freighter
  • 500 mil against your lost collateral
  • From which is subtracted the payment you got from CONCORD when your ship went down
  • This is assuming no in-game platinum insurance ownership

To be eligible to receive payment, you must:

  • Provide all relevant killmails (Do not give killmails to clients)
  • Have all characters added to the tool
  • Be carrying no more than 1.5 billion isk in collateral value in Red Frog contracts
  • Not be carrying freight outside your Red Frog contract that would put you in excess of 1.5 billion isk value when combined with your contract freight’s value

Red Frog management and program administrators reserve the right to deny payment on ganks where the pilot is out of compliance with Red Frog hauling guidelines.

Premium payments must be made from your Red Frog alt in advance to White Frog Insurance.

Warning: This program is not optional. Your participation is a requirement of your continuing to contract with Red Frog Freight. Failure to pay, but continuing to haul, will result in your being booted from Red Frog Freight, at management’s discretion. We raised prices so the difference comes from the customer, not from you, but you must participate.

Important: Management reserves the right to modify the program as the need arises and as our experience with it grows. Your feedback is welcome!

The Web Wallet And You

Your current balance with White Frog is visible in Nearest Contract Finder from your contract alt with the Red Frog website.

To create a positive balance, give money to White Frog Insurance from your contract alt. The balance shown in Nearest Contract Finder will update within approximately 30 minutes, automatically. There is no minimum deposit; however, you’ll want to deposit enough money to keep you going for a while. Deposit as often as you need, as your financial ability dictates. Just keep your balance positive.

As you run contracts, the White Frog Insurance fee will be deducted from your balance. The balance will be updated as you run contracts, so you have only to keep a positive balance to stay covered. At this time, White Frog Insurance payments are not refundable, but are carried over from one month to the next.

A note about the delay: There may be a delay of as much as a half hour before NCF updates when you deposit money with White Frog. However, if an issue arises where the website says you’re negative, but you pay and then get ganked, you are covered. When a question arises, the timestamp on the White Frog Insurance corporate wallet showing your transfer will control.

Coverage and negative balances: It’s theoretically possible you will accept a contract and it will send you into a negative wallet balance. If this happens, you are covered if the negative is less than 2 million isk. Note that having a negative balance on your White Frog Insurance account can delay payment on your claim, so please make sure to keep it positive to avoid problems!

Withdrawals: If leaving corp or trasnferring CA, you can now ask to get your balance back. Just send a mail to Switch Hekki and ask for your balance. For the webwallet to work, we can only send it back to the owning character.


Citadels are easy to scam with, as docking permissions can be revoked at any time. Although Red Frog does service citadels, this carries a risk of being unable to complete the contract and losing your collateral.

Some citadel contracts are considered 'safe', and are marked with a green 'insured' label on the NCF. Before accepting such a contract, check for docking rights on both your CA and FA - if both are present at the time you accept the contract, subsequently having the citadel closed while the contract is being hauled, under the normal rules, will let you have a WFI payout.

Any non-insured citadel contract may be taken, but realise it is at your risk so it is suggested you only do this where you are confident, having investigated the citadels and issuer, that it is not a scam.

As with other things, do not fail a citadel scam contract before discussing with a Director.

What To Do When You’re Ganked

Ganks happen to Red Frogs just like they happen to everyone else. If you fly long enough in Red Frog, chances are non-zero that it will happen to you. How we respond to ganks is one of the things that sets us apart from other courier contractors, and how you respond to your own gank will say a lot about you.

First and foremost, don’t panic. Ganks are a part of life in Eve, and in the end, this really is just a game. Red Frog pilots are happy to commiserate, and have been known to offer help to pilots in the form of loans and replacement freighters at less-than-market pricing. Your behavior when it happens will influence how much other pilots are willing to help you, so be professional and courteous!

Also, while the temptation to trash talk in Local is great, do not do this. For your ganker, this is business; trash talk will only encourage them to redlist your pilot and do it again.

Next, secure your freighter pilot. It’s way more important to avoid getting podkilled than it is to worry about customer service in the moment. Don’t lose your implants or clone if you can avoid it.

Once your freighter pilot is secure and you’ve calmed down and complained some in RF Contracts, here is what you do:

  1. If you were hauling within guidelines, your loss is covered by the White Frog Insurance:
  2. If for whatever reason your loss is not eligible to the White Frog Insurance coverage:
    • You still need to evemail “Which Frog”, “Switch Hekki”, “Chiyachan” and “Nasantha” with the following information:
      • killmail
      • links to the affected Contracts
  3. Fail the contract. If you are holding more than one contract, fail only the ones lost in the gank. Contact an OM and inform him of the loss and that you have sent in the WFI claim.
  4. Contact an OM+, and ask them to evemail the customer explaining that you’ve failed the contract because of a gank.
  5. Failure in providing the above information after your Contracts went into failed status will result in your removal from the Corporation.
  6. NEVER give the customer your killmail. If they demand it, contact managment and forward them the information the customer is asking for.

If you are unable to get a new freighter immediately, and you have accepted contracts that you have not moved, do not fail them. Instead, work with other pilots in RF Contracts and with Red Frog management to coordinate delivery. If you think a contract may go overdue, ask management to contact the client and let them know that you’ve suffered a gank and lost your freighter, that their package was not lost, and that you are working with other pilots to arrange delivery for them.

White Frog Claim

Filing Your White Frog Claim

Copy-Paste this template into your Evemail, then follow the info below to complete it:

Send to: “Which Frog”,“Switch Hekki”, “Chiyachan” and “Nasantha”

This is White Frog Claim submitted for payment.

Link to the in game kill mail:
(Select it in game, drag and drop into this field, after copying the template into your new Evemail message)

Link to the lost Contract:
(make sure it is failed before sending out the Claim!) (if empty on the way to Contract, state “Empty” and fill out the Comments/Notes section)

CONCORD Payment Amount:
(available in the Notifications Section in your Evemail: “RefID: 1018595015320 Your friendly insurance company has transferred ...”)

Client Mail Confirmation: I confirm the contract has been failed and [Insert name of the OM+] has notified the client.

Comments/Notes: (Any additional Info, fill in if you were ganked empty on a way to pick up your Contract)

I certify that the above information is true and correct. I understand that I will be subject to disciplinary action should the above information be proved false.

The template contains these summarized details:

  • A clear statement of what action you want taken (“This is a White Frog claim submitted for payment.”)
  • A link to the killmail
  • A link to the affected contracts
    • Fail your Contract before sending out the Claim! (so the client gets their collateral back!)
    • If you had a contract on board, link the failed contract(s)
    • If you were empty and on the way to get a contract, link the contract you were on the way to get
    • Confirmation that client has been notified.
  • Don’t delete any notifications in the Freighter Alt’s evemail! Informing you about insurance and ship loss. Should you delete them, we will assume maximum Concord payout.

White Frog management will investigate and process your claim and contact you about either payment information, reason(s) for denial of your claim, or requests for further information and clarification. We suggest you wait a bit before buying a new freighter, you will most likely receive one via contract to replace your old one. (Else you can always resell that one)

Inactive Pilots

You become inactive if you don’t complete a contract for 30 days. This is done for security reasons, as the account could have been sold without having dropped corp (per CCP rules), or the account could have been hacked. If you ever find yourself out of corp, just EVEmail a director for instructions in getting back in.

Awards and Recognition

There are several medals that you can earn within RFF.

For hauling, we have medals for the completion of:

100 contract- Red Frog Freight Badge of Hauling
1000 contracts- badge of Proficient Hauling
5000 contracts- badge of Advanced Hauling
10,000 contracts- badge of Master Hauling

1000 Star contracts- The Janitor Badge
3000 Star Contracts- The Custodian Badge
7000 Star contracts- Unnammed as of yet

Every month, there’s a Contract, Jump and Star master award to the pilot with the highest in each category.

Additionally, there are special category medals as well. They are:

Medal of Ethereal Attention- This medal is awarded to those members of Red Frog Freight who have devoted their time towards both pilots and clients in need of help, actively joining Corporation’s chat channels, offering support or helping Red Frog Freight in any other manner that improved and served the whole community.

Service Star of Excellence: This medal is awarded to those Management Members of Red Frog Freight who have devoted the enormous amount of time towards day to day running of the corporation, creating corporation tools, inventing ways from which all members can benefit or whose ideas improved and enhanced existing solutions. It is awarded to staff members who serve for an extended time with above average activity and dedication.

Star of the Fanfest Donor: This medal is awarded in recognition of those Frogs who have provided funds, items or help during Red Frog Freight’s Fanfest events.

Resolute Star of Courage First Class: Awarded to those brave pilots, who completed multiple contracts during the duration of Burn Jita, including multiple runs to and from Jita system itself

Resolute Star of Courage Second Class: Awarded to those brave pilots, who completed multiple contracts during the duration of Burn Jita

Medal of the Phoenix: Awarded to those unfortunate enough to get ganked while hauling for Red Frog. Despite this fact, the pilot returned to their hauling duties.

If you qualify for any of the above rewards, but have not yet been recognized, just send a reminder note to Bella Mingo or the current Awards Manager and they’ll take care of you.

Each year we also bestow a unique medal on the Contract Master of the Year.

Chat and Comms Channels

Channel “RF Freight”
Red Frog Freight customer relations are nurtured in the ’RF Freight’ channel, via convos and on the Red Frog Freight thread on the EVE Forums (mostly used for advertising).
This is where you may freely talk to customers. This is a public channel so please only talk on your Contract Alt. If you are asked a question you do not know the answer to, then ask that question in the following channel.

Channel “RF Contracts”
This is the in corp channel where yu may freely discuss questions, contact Contract Managers, or just vent when you are having a bad day. This should be your normal chat channel.

Channel “Profit”
This channel is where potential recruits should be directed and told to read the Message of the Day. This is a public channel so please only talk on your Contract Alt.

Channel “Corp”
Default in game Corp channel. Do not talk in this channel

Channel “Alliance”
Default in game alliance channel. Do not talk in this channel

Channel “Black Frog”
Low/null-sec requests should be directed to Black Frog Logistics in channel ‘Black Frog.’
This is the public chat channel for Black Frog. If a customer has questions and you know the answer, you may talk with them but if a Black Frog pilot joins in, allow them to take the lead.
If noone is avaiable, customers may contact “Lyn Fel” via eve mail.

We have a discord group located at This functions the same way as Teamspeak but for out of game chat and is becoming increasingly popular.

Note: Due to the nature of how discord works, be mindful that even if you change your nickname, the actual user name is still viewable. This can create issues if you have other EvE Discord groups and concealing your other names is a concern.

How to use Evepraisal

Evepraisal can be helpful in determining the real market value of the cargo you are transporting.

It accepts a copy-paste from your cargo window, however the display needs to be set to list first. Copy-paste won’t work should your view be set to Icons (default view).

How to use evepraisal:

  1. Open your Cargo window and display the contents of your package. Please note, opening/looking into the package does not break the contract seal and is completely safe. The example cargo window with content is shown below:
  2. Change the display from Icons into List:
  3. Select Ctrl+A to mark all items, then click Ctrl+C to copy them. Items will be highlighted if you have done this properly.
  4. Open and paste (Ctrl+V) the content into the window there:
  5. You will be presented with the value, just to the right of the paste-window:

Black Frog Recruitment

Black Frog Logistics is always on the lookout for qualified pilots to join our ranks. The basic requirements are as follows:

  • You must own (or have the ISK to purchase) a jump freighter
  • You must have the skills to pilot a jump freighter that can hold at least 320k m3
  • You must have Jump Drive Calibration V
  • You must have at least one alt with Cyno IV trained (V if its Amarr) able to join Black Frog as your contract alt on a separate account from your freighter pilot.
  • You must have 1.5 B or more in liquid ISK for collateral
  • You must have been in Red Frog for two months and have completed over 100 contracts (or have a vouch from a current Black Frog member).
  • You must have your hopeful Black Frog CAs/FAs/Cynos registered in the tool through Manage Characters

Note: Before you do any Null-sec jobs you will want to train your cyno/contract alt for an interceptor (Ares or Malediction are best) in order to be able to move your cyno through bubbled gates. You will be limited to Lowsec until you do.

Once you meet the minimum requirements listed above, send an EVEmail to CEO Lyn Fel with the subject line APPLICATION [Contract Alt Name]

In the body of your email, please tell me the following:

  • Why you want to join Black Frog Logistics
  • Describe your JF experience
  • Describe your low/nul experience so far
  • Number of qualified cynos you can field at the same time

In addition to the above, I will look at:

  • Contracts completed in Red Frog. More is better.
  • Time spent in Red Frog. Longer is better.

Qualifying applicants are hired as needed in the order their applications were received.

Contact Lyn Fel if you have any questions about the above, or if you would simply like to learn more about Black Frog Logistics.

Freighter Cargo Volumes and EHP

Freighter Cargo Sizes
Using 2 x Expanded Cargohold II:

Freighter Level I Level II Level III Level IV Level V
Fenrir (Minmatar) 742,504 m3 777,861 m3 813,218 m3 848,576 m3 883,933 m3
Providence (Amarr) 742,504 m3 777,861 m3 813,218 m3 848,576 m3 883,933 m3
Obelisk (Gallente) 751,083 m3 768,802 m3 822,566 m3 858,330 m3 894,093 m3
Charon (Caldari) 793,711 m3 831,507 m3 869,302 m3 907,098 m3 944,894 m3

Jump Freighter Cargo Sizes
Using 3 x Expanded Cargohold II:

Jump Freighter Level IV Level V Level V w/ ORE Cargos
Nomad (Minmatar) 328,311 m3 341,990 m3 354,204 m3
Ark (Amarr) 335,772 m3 349,763 m3 362,245 m3
Anshar (Gallente) 341,990 m3 356,240 m3 386,404 m3
Rhea (Caldari) 358,157 m3 373,080 m3 386,404 m3

Note: Even with level 5 skills, 320,000 m3 cannot be achieved in any Jump Freighter with only 2 Expanded Cargohold IIs.

Freighter EHP with and Without Command Bursts

The below tables are Pyfa Calculations of a max character with no implants using each Freighter and shows resulting EHP vs various ammo types. It will also show the effects of command bursts provided by a Loki (Shield + Armor + Skirmish bursts).
This is was a personalized project but you may find valuable information with it (including possible webber alt ideas)

Note that this is for both Freighter and Jump Freighters, and that the info of each type is laid out differently but gives same basic info. Not all tabs are complete for JF such as Hull HP with various Expanded Cargoholds

*Note: If unable to view the images in full, readable size, you may click the attached image link at bottom of page

Freighter Table

Jump Freighter Table